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UBEC 5V 3A Independent Power Supply For Flight Control Receivers


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Why use UBEC? 

UBEC is an external switching power supply regulator that is separate from brushless ESC. It can obtain DC voltage suitable for the operation of receivers and other devices from a high input voltage (5.5V - 23V) and continuously and stably Offering up to 3A of output current, it can easily power receivers, gyroscopes, and more than four servos, making it ideal for remote model helicopters and large fixed-wing aircraft that use high voltage and multiple servos.


* Power polarity reverse connection protection!
  * LED working status indicator!
 * Full shielding + output line magnetic ring effectively eliminates electromagnetic interference!

1 Product specifications:

1.1 Output capacity: 5V/3A 

1.2 Power input: 5.5-26V (2-6 series lithium battery pack or 5-15 nickel-hydrogen/nickel-cadmium battery pack);

1.3 Dimensions: 43mm*17mm*7mm (length * width * height);

1.4 Weight: 11g; 

1.5 Ripple: less than 50mVp-p (@2A/12V). 

2 Features:

2.1 Adopting switching power supply structure design, the frequency of the main control chip of the switching power supply is 300KHz, and it has over-current and over-temperature protection functions, and the chip efficiency is as high as 92%; 

2.2 Small size and light weight;

2.3 The electronic device is protected by a shield, 

2.4 It has the protection function of preventing the polarity of the power supply from being reversed. If the power supply is accidentally connected, it will not cause UBEC damage;

2.5 With LED light-emitting diode working status indicator, when the output is normal, it lights up;

2.6 Advantages compared with traditional BEC: Compared with BEC with linear regulator, the advantages of BEC with switching power supply are mainly reflected in: when using 3 strings (11.1V) or more, it can greatly reduce BEC heating and improve Overall efficiency. 

For example: When using 4 strings of lithium batteries, the voltage during normal use is about 14.8V.

  ● Adopting the linear voltage regulation mode, to output 5V/1A current, the power supply terminal must also input 1A current. Therefore, there is a power consumption of 14.8V × 1A = 14.8W on the BEC. However, the actual useful output of the BEC is only 5V × 1A = 5W, so the overall efficiency is only 5/14.8 = 33.8%, and the power consumption of 9.8W is converted into Heat, so it will cause the BEC to overheat, the chip enters the protection state and cannot work;

  ● Use the switching power supply mode, to output 5V / 1A current, our actual test shows that the power supply only needs to input 0.38A current, that is, 14.8V × 0.38A = 5.6W power, so the overall efficiency is 5 /5.6=89.3% 


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UBEC 5V 3A Independent Power Supply For Flight Control Receivers

UBEC 5V 3A Independent Power Supply For Flight Control Receivers

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