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Do you have any retail outlet for offline sales?

Hacktronics is a eCommerce company and we don't have any physical retail outlet anywhere, so we request you to place your order directly on our website. Please note our sales office and warehouse are different, hence there is no point in directly walk-in to our sales office.


Can you provide quotation? Our company require Performa Invoice for payments?

We don't accept excel sheets or word documents for providing custom quotes. In general for retail quantities, the prices will remain the same in custom quote also, and for bulk orders above 15K, we can only adjust shipping charges. If your company requires PI for creating payment challans, you can create an account and add the items in required quantities to the cart. You will also need to enter your complete address and GSTIN (if available) for shipping charges computation. After that please send us email with your registered email address with the cart screenshot at ( and we will generate a Performa Invoice using the cart data and your registered shipping address details. Kindly do not modify the cart after you send us the details, as the same cart data will be used for PI generation purpose. If we have have less quantities available online, you can drop us email to modify the quantities in the PI.


Do you offer any product discount for bulk orders?

As we're an exclusively online retailer we sell directly to the public - we therefore don't offer wholesale discounts. However, the more products in an order, the less the shipping charge will be per item. Our philosophy around here is to price our products right from the get-go, that way we don’t have to offer discounts to move product like our competitors. We’ve gotten rid of selective pricing in favor of fair, transparent pricing. The best pricing is clear, fair, public, consistent, and predictable.


I require this product which is not available on your website?

Please contact us via email ( for each item separately with the item details and quantity required, along with product specifications, make or brand, images, manufacturer or supplier details (if any), etc. so that we can check, whether the same can be arranged and at what price. Also in the item description, you can sign up for notification, "notify me when back in stock" and you will receive email alerts, once the item is available.


We require more quantities than that is shown as available in the item description?

We can arrange in larger quantities also as per customer requirement, against pre-order. Stocks shown on the website, are readily available local stocks and can be shipped ASAP. For pre-order please contact us via mail: for pricing and lead time. In general, items available locally can be arranged within 1 week and imported modules can take around 2-5 weeks.


How do I add my GSTIN to the invoice for ITC?

During order placement itself, you can add your GST number in the address. In the address once you enter your company name in the company input field, the GST number field is shown, where you can enter the GSTIN. As we have automated systems, so any request of manual GST number addition to the order can not be accepted. Also its customer responsibility to make sure both the invoice and shipping address are same with correct GST number without any space or special characters. Fore more details, please refer to the screenshots at:


I require this product, but it is showing out of stock?

As we can only stock limited quantities, if you require in bulk or require within a specified time frame, the preferred way is pre ordering the same, please refer to the above FAQ about pre ordering.
You can also sign up for notification, in the item description, enter your email address and click "notify me when back in stock" and you will receive email alerts, once the item is available.


Do you support bank transfer or cheque?

We don't support cheque. Our payment processing partners supports all major credit/debit cards, ewallets and netbanking. If you wish to pay via NEFT/IMPS, you can cancel the CCAvenue checkout process and pay the final amount shown on the CCAvenue website via NEFT/IMPS/UPI also. Once the payment is done, send us the payment challan with the cart screenshot, and we will create an order manually for the received payment. Our Bank Details:


Do you offer COD facility?

We apologise, but we do not offer the most popular payment option you love and are looking for. COD is more safe is an illusion, as the customer still pays to the delivery boy in advance before opening the packet. Business runs on trust and goodwill. We grow as a company only if you appreciate what we sell and come back for newer products, isn't? Not to mention, COD increases the overall cost, due to COD cancellations, delay in payments, which also causes delay in refund to customers, additional accounting overhead, etc.


I am getting error message, "your order has not been accepted" while doing the payment?

Please check your address and avoid any special characters in name or address fields. For example Mumbai is the city name and not "Mumbai (West)" or "313001" is the pin code and not "313 001". The payment gatways have strict filtering to protect both the customer and seller interest.


Can I pay via Paytm or Google Tez?

Our payment processing partners (CCAvenue or PayU Money) supports all major ewallets. During checkout, you can select your preferred eWallet as the payment option. Also our UPI address and bank details are mentioned here:


How much time does it takes to deliver it to my location?

We offer different shipping services, for example air mode can take 2-5 business days, whereas surface mode can take 4-14 business days. These are approximate time for 99% of our customers, and based on your location, your area courier delivery network and customer availability, the delivery time may vary slightly. Also 99% of our orders are shipped within same or next business day. For more details about our shipping policy please refer:


Do you offer free shipping for high value orders?

Hacktronics does not offer, nor will ever have free shipping. Free shipping is a myth. Shipping is always paid for, and its from the consumers pocket, one way or the other. Honestly, free shipping is actually an indication of huge cushions and margins in pricing. Nevertheless consumers often fall for it.
Remember if the product comes with free shipping, it includes shipping costs. And if you are buying 10 quantities of the product, you are actually paying 10x the shipping, whereas shipping seldom gets charged that way by logistics companies. Globally, shipping gets cheaper per unit, with increasing volumes and weight. And that is how we have tried to keep it in Hacktronics.


What are the terms for flat shipping?

Flat shipping is available when you have less than 10 products in your cart, and you are looking to buy them in bulk, where your shipping in Lite mode is greater than 399 Rs but less than 2,500 Rs. The payment for the order needs to be made via UPI or IMPS only. Our bank details are mentioned here: Also the flat rate shipping is only for development boards and sensor modules, and will not include project boxes or heavy motors, etc. with excessive actual weight or volumetric weight.


Can you offer shipping discounts?

As we're an exclusively online retailer we sell directly to the public - we therefore don't offer shipping discount for retail customers and same pricing applies for all.
The shipping fees consists of multiple factors, as the items comes from multiple warehouses, there is P&F, shipping charges from multiple vendors, consolidation charges, stocking charges, insurance and transit documentation charges. As we stock over thousands of different products in multiple warehouses or sourced from dozens of suppliers to provide you a single place for placing order, for all of your project needs.
In addition to these, for hassle free delivery we employ third party services for SMS notification and delivery exception tracking. Apart from transit insurance, to keep your parcel safe during transit, we uses triple corrugated boxes with proper tapes to highlight fragile nature of the items and waterproof the box from moisture, etc.
As we cannot pre determine exact weight of the packed parcel, sometimes due to this limitation, the shipping is calculated higher or lesser. For bulk orders, we request you to read the above FAQ about custom quotation request and check with our support via email for any shipping discounts that can be applied for that cart.


Do you offer phone support?

We don't offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone. We decided to keep our support via emails for a few reasons:
  • Online support allows us to easily call up your account activity, order details, and other information, helping us to troubleshoot effectively.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words. The pictures you attach to your email to us of the error message or issue you're experiencing help us understand and troubleshoot problems more efficiently.
  • It's faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold.
Support work often requires careful, focused thought and investigation. Keeping support solely online allows us to better help you by resolving issues in a speedy and more efficient manner, as our engineers are able to focus all of their energy on solving your support concerns with the fewest number of distractions and interruptions possible.
We understand that some people prefer phone support. Sometimes, there's nothing as assuring as talking to a real person, knowing that someone is looking into the problem and working on resolving it. But please rest assured that we're committed to solving your issues and answer your questions with the help of our expert team of agents.


Do you allow returns or offer any warranty?

In general, we don't allow returns and warranties if any, need to be claimed with the respective manufacturer. As it is not feasible for us to ascertain the exact cause of failure, and generally in our experience issues arise mostly due to improper usage, so as per our return policy mentioned on our website, we are unable to provide any warranty, return or replacements.
However in practicality these things are decided on a case to case basis, and we also cover our customers for any issues during transit, whether its breakage or lost parcel.
In addition, all parts sourced are brand new, factory QA with random local QA sampling done, sealed and nicely packed for hassle free delivery. Also all parts are sourced directly by us, from highly reputed suppliers worldwide, without any middle man/agents avoiding refurbish or cheaper clones.
Also we understand that not all parts may suit your business needs, so we have the myriad and diverse catalogue of various sensors and boards.

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