STC15F204W MCU Module Core Learning Development Board Instead Of STC15F104E View larger

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STC15F204W MCU Module Core Learning Development Board Instead Of STC15F104E


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STC15F104+204W development board information: 
link: password: kbs0
The difference between STC15F104E and STC15F104W:
1. The external interrupt of STC15F104E is not easy to use. The external interrupt of STC15F104W can be used, and there is one more dedicated timer for power-down wake-up.
2. The timer of STC15F104E has T0 and T1, and the timer of STC15F104W is T0 and T2.
3. The pins are different.
STC15F104W highlights:
( 1 ) Timer module: T0 and T2 , when T0 works in mode 0 , it is a 16 -bit timer counter that can automatically reload the initial value. In mode 2 , it is an 8 -bit automatic reloading counter. In mode 3 , it is decomposable. The T2 's operating mode is fixed in the 16 -bit auto-reload initial mode, so it is especially suitable for the LEDindustry. The chip's timer module can generate more accurate timing time.
( 2 ) Kernel: Using the Y5 super-fast CPU core, it is 20% faster than the normal 1T . See the instruction set for details. A total of 111 instructions. 
( 3 ) Pin diagram:
P3.3 is RSTOUT_LOW. It outputs low level after power-on and reset. It can also be set low or high by software. This pin can be used as reset circuit of 16-bit or 32-bit MCU; P3.4 can output system clock. Therefore, it can be used as a clock circuit of a 16-bit or 32-bit single-chip microcomputer; the chip also has a strong encryption function, which can replace the encryption chip, and the unit price is only one more, so it can be recommended to the customer.
STC15F104W has no serial port and has relay broadcast mode. It can simulate I2C, serial port, SPI, and use IO port charge and discharge to measure external voltage to realize AD function.
The input level of P3.1 straight-through output P3.0 can be set in the download software, similar to the relay broadcast mode of the 15-series serial port 1.

TC15F104W learning board is designed for 51 single-chip microcomputer learning, on-board common resources, can meet most of the learning needs, as follows:
1 All IO ports are led out 
2 onboard one-chip single-chip controlled LED, connected to IO port P3.2, Can be used for IO port output, PWM wave modulation, etc. Experiment 
3 On-board patch switch, connected to IO port P3.3, can be used for IO port input, interrupt, etc. Experiment 
4 IO port external patch switch and LED do not affect IO port Normal use 
5 onboard TTL level serial port, RXD (connected to P3.0) and TXD (connected to P3.1) can be used for STC download program/serial host computer communication (with timer matching) and IO port input and output Etc. experiment 
6 with test procedure

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