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Constantan Sampling Resistor 10 Milliohms U-Type Presser 1.5x24 Foot Jumper


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Has a lower temperature coefficient of resistance, a wide temperature range (480 ℃ below), good processing performance, with good welding performance. Mainly used in the production of instrumentation, electronics and industrial equipment in the electronic components. In addition there is a new Kang copper resistance alloy, copper-iron-based alloy, it has the same resistivity and constantan copper, similar to the approximate temperature coefficient of resistance, and the same temperature. Compared with KangTong resistance alloy, XinCangSong has the advantage of low price because it does notcontain the higher price nickel, but its anti-oxidation performance is worse than that of KangTong. In more aspects can replace the Kang Cui Si resistance alloy. Regulated power supply design role: over-current protection, test the load current.

  • Technical parameters: Hong Tong 6J40 main chemical composition of Mn 1-2 Ni 39-415 Cu balance Al: 2.5 ~ 4.5 Fe: 1.0 ~ 1.6 Si: 1 ~ 2
  • Specification 1.5 * 24
  • Component temperature range ℃ 5 ~ 500
  • Density: g / cm3 8.88
  • Resistivity: μΩ.m, 20 ℃ 0.48 ± 0.030% elongation (> Φ0.5
  • Resistance temperature coefficient α, 10-6 / ℃
  • Cu thermopower μv / ℃ (0 ~ 100 ℃) 452,122
  • Performance: (wire has a good uniformity of the resistance coefficient of stability, resistance control within 3 - 8%.
  • Uses: all kinds of electric vehicle controller, circuit board resistance, current sampling, shunt and exchange equipment, variable resistance and strain resistance of the precision resistance components.

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