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Custom Electric Bicycle Kit Younet Motor Without Battery


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This kit is suitable for installation on 22-28 inch ordinary bicycles. If you want to install the car below 22 inches, the difficulty of modification will be increased. You need to replace the original 9-tooth sprocket of the motor with a 13-tooth sprocket.If you change the speed, the speed is too slow.This kit is not suitable for special models and variable speed models and models under 16 inches.

Installing this kit requires a certain amount of hands-on ability and basic circuit and assembly knowledge. If you don't understand, please take a careful purchase.

Bicycle modification with Unette 250 watt 24 volt motor and complete accessories list:

 (conversion kit is 250 watts 24 volt kit contains 1 to 13 accessories below, excluding charger and battery box)

1 Younet motor; 24V250W advanced gear motor

2 Blue Sky or Wing Yun Controller: 24V250W Boutique Controller

3 speed control handle: set of four sets of speed control

4 bracket: one piece of geared motor bracket

5 Lights: One-in-one light display, horn and headlights (Note: Screws for fixed lights need to be matched by the buyer)

6 chain: 38 special chain

7 electric door lock: two electric door locks

8 Flywheel: 16-tooth flywheel

9 axis: 18CM extended shaft

 10 coupling: outer diameter 34MM flywheel contactor

11 charging interface; one

12 plastic insert copper insert

13 Supply bicycle modification manual, illustrated, easy to understand (May be in Chinese, use Google Translate Android App)

For the battery box, another +700 Rs (the battery box is out of stock)

Note: The charger (not included) can only charge lead-acid batteries below 14 amps (including 14 amps), not lithium batteries.

Rectangular battery box (not included) is about 28.8 long, 16.4 wide and 10.5 high. It can only put two 12V14AH batteries. (There are only this battery box on the market. The 36V kit generally requires 3 batteries. This battery box can't hold 3 pieces. Battery), the battery box is available in yellow and white.
Note: The rectangular battery case is a plastic material. It is easy to be damaged during transportation and use. There is no fixed bracket. The buyer has to find a way to fix it. The battery box modification is not very suitable, but there is no more suitable battery box.

(The following is the physical circuit diagram)

Controller wiring description: Take the wing controller as an example. In order to work with the motor, at least four connectors must be connected first. First, the thicker two of the controllers are connected to the blue and white wires, and the blue wire is connected. The red line of the motor and the white line are connected to the black line of the motor. Secondly, the two red and black wires of the controller are connected to the battery, the red wire is connected to the positive electrode of the battery, and the black wire is connected to the negative electrode. Thirdly, connect the speed control to the joint. (The speed control has three lines, the red line must be red line, and the black line should be connected to the black line.) Once again, the electric lock is connected, the electric lock is opened, and the motor can be operated by turning the rotary switch.

There are also four connectors on the controller, one is the charging port, the other is the brake light, the third is the brake, and the fourth is the indicator light. The charging port is the charging interface in the adapter. Since the kit does not have a brake light, the brake light interface can be omitted. The brake interface is connected to the brake lever. Because there are two brake levers in the kit, and there is only one brake interface of the controller, it is necessary to connect the red and red wires, the black wire and the black wire to one head. Headlights in the indicator light kit

The following picture shows the parallel flywheel reference diagram of the two flywheels in the modification.

The figure below shows the motor, motor size, and the effect diagram after installation.


After the modification effect map:

This kit is more suitable for people who love DIY. It is inevitable that they will encounter difficulties when they are modified.

The battery used in the modified cycle (24 volt kit) generally uses two 12-volt lead-acid batteries of 10 amps to 14 amps (three volts for the 36 volt kit, be careful not to use the battery on the motorcycle, use the battery for the electric vehicle, When buying a battery, be sure to ask whether it is for electric vehicles. When the two batteries are connected in series, they will be 24 volts as a power source. (You can also use a lead-acid battery with a lower capacity or higher and a lithium battery as a power source, but use a low-capacity mileage. Far, the use of high capacity or lithium battery will increase the cost)

Charging: When charging, when the charger turns from red to green, the charger can be turned off. At this time, the battery is fully charged. Sometimes for some reason, the lamp does not turn green after being fully charged, so pay attention to the charging time. Even if the lamp turns green, there is still a certain power source to charge, so the general charging should not exceed 12 hours. In case the charging time is too long, it will affect the battery.

The headlight display is composed of a relatively simple measuring circuit with limited accuracy, and buyers cannot rely on it.


In addition, the 22-inch or more car is best to use the original 9-tooth sprocket motor. If the 13-tooth sprocket is used, the speed will be faster (the modified car speed should not be too fast, fast and unsafe), but the load capacity will be weakened, starting. It will not be enough with the uphill slope to cause damage to the motor and controller.

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