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MagnetoPot Sensor 10K Ohm 25 mm

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The MagnetoPot is simple, yet elegant in its ability to track motion in a contactless manner. A magnet on the inside of a cylinder, or on the other side of a motion device will guide the built-in magnetics of the MagnetoPot for position output as a voltage divider. The MagnetoPot is a sealed potentiometer, in the membrane potentiometer tradition, yet it does not require a wiper/actuator to connect the collector and the resistor. Instead, the MagnetoPot is controlled by an outside magnet, which attracts the magnetic forces within the MagnetoPot to connect to the linear resistor and give linear potentiometer feedback.

The wiper inside the sealed pot is magnetic or ferromagnetic, and will only perform if connected with an exterior magnet. As opposed to a Reed Switch, which gives simply “open” or “close” signals, the MagnetoPot gives the full linear travel as a magnetic sensor. For the cost of a Reed Switch, the MagnetoPot offers tremendous sensing solutions for a fraction of other magnetic sensors costs. What position sensor can offer the magnetic characteristics of a reed switch with the output of a potentiometer, for the same cost of a Reed Switch? Only Spectra Symbol’s MagnetoPot.

As a level sensor, both liquid level sensor and a magnetic potentiometer, the MagnetoPot will give linear feedback to position. For liquid level sensors, the MagnetoPot can attach to the outside of a liquid tank and give position of the magnet inside the float. No water ingress, no wearing of the part by environment, because the MagnetoPot is away from the activity.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders typically have only end Reed Switches to control over-extension, but the MagnetoPot can offer much more than the end Reed Switches; it can give full-travel position sensing with magnetic forces through a potentiometer output.

  • Contactless Linear Sensor
  • IP64 Debris Proof, Splash Proof,
  • Ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic Position sensing
  • Liquid level capability
  • Upon request
    • Male or Female Nicomatic Connectors
    • Corresponding Exterior Magnet
  • Life Cycle > 1 million
  • Height < =3.50 mm
  • Resistance: 10 K ohms Standard
  • Effective electrical travel: 8 to 1200 mm
  • power rating: 0.5 watt
  • Resolution: Depends on the exterior magnet strength and distance to the MagnetoPot
  • Di electric value: No affect @500 VAC for 1 minute


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