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FM Radio + MP3 + WAV + WMA Player Board Bluetooth Speaker


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Decoder board radio sensitivity is low, only receive strong radio station.

U disk TF card supports MP3 rate 32-320kbps; lossless WAV bit rate 1411kbps the following, pay attention to download the suffix file (LRC file) should be synchronized to download; if DTS WAV format music, this music decoder board is the default Can not play, can only issue rustle, because DTS is multi-channel, to add plug-ins (like computer player class) to play. Ordinary two-channel WAV format music files are supported

This product does not support folder playback, put the audio file on the root directory of TF card or U disk, otherwise it will cause the slow read data and slow response.

This product from other work mode to TF card or U disk playback, because to re-read the disk, so there will be a short time does not respond to the phenomenon, this is a normal phenomenon.

Product Introduction:

  1. This product can work in between 7V-12V direct current. Good sound quality without interference, Bluetooth effective distance of 20M, if the wall or other obstructions, transmission distance will be discounted.
  2. The decoder board supports U disk TF card directly play, support FM radio, support for lossless WAV format, MP3 format and WMA format.
  3. Comes with Bluetooth audio receiver module, paired mobile phone and Bluetooth module is connected by phone to play audio via Bluetooth to the decoder board, can also control the phone play / previous / next track operation by decoder board Bluetooth
  4. This product is not with the amplifier output, can not directly access the speaker, can be connected to other high-power amplifier output.

Modification Instructions:
Home conversion, the router can not use the power! Do not use the charger power supply! Can be used in the 7V-12V power supply between the family must be full-wave rectifier, the use of more than 2200UF capacitor filter can be used to decode board. If the amplifier board to take power, please note that power amplifier board if the dual power supply, it can not be connected to the dual power supply circuit in any way the power supply to the decoder board. Will also damage the decoder board! Please power the decoder board separately.
Decoder board power supply Proposed in the CD circuit board in the regulated power supply (not connected to the CD machine machine behind the terminal), decoders can work stable, but also can avoid common ground interference. Please do not connect to the cigarette lighter or battery, easy to change the size of the throttle caused by the voltage changes, and damage to the decoder board.

  • Supports direct external signal switching.
  • Supports Bluetooth 3.0 EDR
  • Support USB / SD / Bluetooth / FM / LINE automatic switching.
  • Module contains MP3 / WMA / WAV song decoder chip.
  • Support USB, TF card for playback.
  • Supports USB / TF card switching, previous track, next track, fast forward, rewind, volume control, EQ, play / pause, stop, single repeat, mute, shutdown, direct song.
  • Supports Bluetoot previous, next, volume, EQ, play / pause, mute, shutdown.
  • Support FAT16, FAT32 file system.
  • Support MP1 Layer3, MP2Layer3, MP3 Layer3 version of the song.
  • Supports 32-320kbps MP3 songs.
  • Support for power-off memory function: memory before playing the song and volume off.
  • Second, the use of Bluetooth instructions

Press the MODE key on the panel or the remote control, the screen will switch to BLUE and the speaker will beep twice, indicating that the Bluetooth mode switch is successful. Then in the phone settings to find the Bluetooth option, search for Bluetooth devices, search for BT-SPEAKER (this product Bluetooth name), and connect the pair, the individual phone to enter the password (0000) to pair. A successful beep will sound a beep.

Panel Key Instructions:

  • "PREV / VOL-": Press and hold the volume down; press the previous track in the USB / SD / Bluetooth state;
  • "PLAY / PAUSE": in the USB / SD / Bluetooth state short press play / pause; in the FM state long press the channel search and coexist.
  • "NEXT / VOL +": press and hold for the volume plus; in the USB / SD / Bluetooth short press the last track; in FM short press the next station.
  • "MODE": With SD card and U disk: The switching sequence is USB → SD → Bluetooth → FM → AUX; When only U disk: Switching sequence is USB → Bluetooth → FM → AUX;
  • For SD → Bluetooth → FM → AUX; without USB and SD card: FM → AUX → Bluetooth.

Remote Control Key Instructions:

  1. POWER: Standby (STANDBY) This key can not be switched.
  2. MODE: With SD card and U disk: The switching sequence is USB → SD → Bluetooth → FM → AUX; When only U disk: The switching order is USB → Bluetooth → FM → AUX; only SD card: The switching order is SD → Bluetooth → FM → AUX; without USB and SD card: FM → AUX → Bluetooth.
  3. PREV: in the USB / SD / Bluetooth status short press the previous track; in the USB / SD state long press for the song
  4. Fast rewind; in the FM short press the state of a radio station, long press scan to search for a station.
  5. NEXT: short press in the USB / SD / Bluetooth state for the next track; in the USB / SD state long press for the song fast forward.
  6. The number keys: U disk and SD card, press the number of direct selection song; FM, press the number directly to the specified radio frequency. (Such as: FM104.3MHz, directly on the remote control by 1043)

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