Shipping Cost is too high
 Technical Discussions   Started by Prashant Patel   2018-05-22 11:59:35 +05:30   Comments: 4    Viewed: 204

  1. Why shipping cost is very high compared to other sellers?
    Prashant Patel, 2018-05-22 11:59:35 +05:30
  2. Hacktronics
    Hacktronics Administrator Staff Member Bangalore
    Hacktronics, 2018-05-22 15:33:24 +05:30
  3. You have mentioned that in FAQ that why shipping cost is high. But why can't you add those cost in final product price. So that buyer get clear idea of product cost and keep flat courior rate. Because this seems hidden cost of product.
    Prashant Patel, 2018-05-25 14:51:11 +05:30
  4. shipping cost is very high.
    Sanjay upadhyay, 2018-06-06 00:30:11 +05:30
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