shipment intimation
 General Discussions   Started by Richard Louis   2019-10-20 10:18:33 +05:30   Comments: 2    Viewed: 113

  1. invoice no:#in010428 date:16/10/16
    order ref:TSKUAB55D

    please inform when the item wil be shipped

                                          Richard L
    Richard Louis, 2019-10-20 10:18:33 +05:30
  2. Hacktronics
    Hacktronics Administrator Staff Member Bangalore
    Delhivery : 2438111179334 The order status can be tracked from the website order history also. We also send SMS tracking alerts and Whatsapp notifications on the mobile number provided once the product is shipped or delivered. So, please make sure the mobile number is correct with Whatsapp installed on it.
    Hacktronics, 2019-10-22 13:51:47 +05:30
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