Product quantity not delivered in full
 Technical Discussions   Started by Sreenath sreekumar   2019-12-16 18:47:45 +05:30   Comments: 6    Viewed: 201

  1. Hi Team,

    Invoice number: IN0010951 . I ordered and paid for 52 nos of sma ufl cable I received only 47nos,please send the rest.
    Sreenath sreekumar, 2019-12-16 18:47:45 +05:30
  2. Hacktronics
    Hacktronics Administrator Staff Member Bangalore
    We have confirmed from our staff, all items were shipped in the same packet. Please refer to the shipping manifest you have received. Request you to check once again, it might have fallen during opening or some counting mistake. There is nothing pending from our end.
    Hacktronics, 2019-12-16 18:52:17 +05:30
  3. Have counted four times already,product just got delivered today and have sent snapshot over mail.You may either initiate refund for the 5 missing or send me to the same address.
    Sreenath sreekumar, 2019-12-16 18:56:05 +05:30
  4. Awaiting your response for thr above.I would require a GST bill as well for this purchase.
    Sreenath sreekumar, 2019-12-17 14:17:05 +05:30
  5. Reply to the mail I received :
    Please share the escalation contact number to connect with.
    The package was delivered to me in perfect condition, and I have shared the picture of the bunch of cable I received too.I do not know what you expect from a customer who hasn't got delivered in full,packaging and delivery is sole responsibility of the vendor.This is not for personal use and is company property where the inventory and bill is subjected to audits. And this is definitely not the kind of support/reply expected from a professional services vendor.

    I had requested for a GST bill too which i havent got the response yet.
    Sreenath sreekumar, 2019-12-20 09:41:30 +05:30
  6. Hacktronics
    Hacktronics Administrator Staff Member Bangalore
    Rs.224.20 (38.00*5+18%) refunded via UPI transaction reference number is 935416508816. Your email is bouning at yahoo mail address.
    For GST invoice, please follow the steps during order creation as mentioned at:
    We don't have any way to add or remove anyone GST number, due to legal and technical issue.
    Hacktronics, 2019-12-20 16:42:44 +05:30
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