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4-Channel 2.4G Wireless Remote Control Receiver Set DIY Motor Driver + Wireless Remote Control + Battery Box + No Need Of MCU


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Factory direct sales -  suitable for toy models with motors on the left and right sides and differential toys for differential turns (without the steering gear!!)

Can do differential boat, car, tank, etc., very suitable for differential series DIY!!!

Suitable for: differential engineering vehicles, excavator tanks and remote control boats for special ships! Suitable for the differential turning of the motor on the left and right sides: such as the left and right side of the track, such as the tank excavator, the crawler robot, and the remote control boat with two propellers left and right, the high-power long-distance toy! Everyone who is relying on a differential turn is most familiar with the tank. If you think about turning, you will understand.

Note that it is not suitable for ordinary toy cars:  because the direction motor of the ordinary toy car and the drive motor can be operated independently without a differential turn! !

Launch board : 2.2V -4.5V

Receiver board: 3.6V-9V

Distance : 100 meters and the antenna does not have to be lengthened! !

Frequency: high frequency 2.4G, it is necessary to use multiple sets of signals at the same time.

Power: High power The integrated motor drive chip MOS tube on the receiving board has high efficiency and power saving. It is not a triode drive! ! The maximum current of 2A per circuit does not burn the board, generally suitable for small and medium motors within 380 models.

************************************************** *************************

To the frequency (pair code) method: press the back and right buttons of the remote control at the same time, and then power on again ( note: must always press the two buttons and then power on ), at this time the transmitter board indicator Flashing, enter the frequency mode (if you have not received the board for 15 seconds, it will automatically exit), then the receiver board, then you will see the receiver board and the remote control light flash 3 times, indicating pairing carry out. ( If multiple sets of transceivers are simultaneously matched, remember that you can only set one set at a time, and all others must be powered off )

Note: If the frequency is successful, the next time you use it, you don't need to use the frequency again. If the transmitting board or the receiving board is lost, you can use it again. A remote control can be paired with multiple receivers to control multiple receivers.


The function of each button is as follows: ( One button will turn the two motors together to realize the differential turn automatically )

The top button on the left side of the launch pad: When pressed, the two motors will rotate forward.

The button on the left side of the launcher: The two motors will reverse when pressed

The right side of the launch pad is pressed to the left: When the motor is pressed, one motor is rotating and the other motor is reversed (the tank ship is turning at a differential speed  without using a steering gear )

The right side of the launching board is pressed to the right: When the motor is pressed, one motor is reversed and the other motor is forward (the tank is turning at a differential speed  without using a steering gear )

You can also advance or retreat while achieving a left and right turn! !

Finally remind you:

The positive and negative of the motor are not easy to distinguish. You can connect the two motor wires at random and press the forward and backward buttons on the launch pad. If the motor is moving forward, the other motor is in reverse, just reverse. The two wires on the motor buttocks are adjusted, and they are adjusted!In short, the second line of the motor will reverse the direction of its turn! Adjust the motor wire and solder it firmly

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