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42/57 Stepper Motor Driver TB6600 Upgrade Version 32 Subdivision 4.0A DC 42V (Pulse 3-24V)


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Model: TB6600

Size: 96X56X35mm

Appl to motor: Nema 17/23/34(42/57/86 Stepper Motor)

Control signal: 3.3V-24V

Subdivision accuracy: 1-32

Output current: 4A

Voltage: DC9-24V


1. DC 9-42v power supply, DC12-24V power supply best.
2. Controller input signal voltage 3.3-24V General.
3. Subdivision precision 1-32 subdivision optional.
4. Output current 4.0A.
5. H bipolar constant current drive bridge.
6. High speed optocoupler isolation input signal.
7. Built in temperature protection and over-current protection.
8. Automatic half of the flows reduce fever.
9. Motor noise optimization function.
10. Small volume, space saving.

Use 1, 2, 3 three-position dial switch to set the pulse, as shown in the following table:

 Subdivision Pulse/circle S1 S2 S3
 1 200 ON ON OFF
 2/A 400 ON OFF ON
 2/B 400 OFF ON ON
 4 800 ON OFF OFF
 8 1600 OFF ON OFF
 16 3200 OFF OFF ON
 32 6400 OFF OFF OFF

Use the 4, 5, 6 three-position dial switch to set the running current, as shown in the following table:

 Average current Peak current S4 S5 S6
 0.5 0.7 ON ON ON
 1.0 1.2 ON OFF ON
 1.5 1.7 ON ON OFF
 2.0 2.2 ON OFF OFF
 2.5 2.7 OFF ON ON
 2.8 2.9 OFF OFF ON
 3.0 3.2 OFF ON OFF
 3.5 4.0 OFF OFF OFF

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