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Infrared Reversing Radar Distance Sensor Electronic DIY Kit


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Project Introduction

The infrared reversing radar has the characteristics of simple circuit structure, low cost and stable circuit operation, and is widely used in various ranging applications. The circuit uses an infrared transmitting tube and an infrared receiving tube as sensor elements. The core components of the circuit include the NE555 and the op amp LM324. The NE555 constitutes a multi-resonant oscillating circuit to emit infrared signals, and the LM324 is mainly used to amplify the infrared receiving signals and constitute a voltage comparator circuit, and the LEDs are used to indicate the range of the reverse distance.

product manual

The infrared reversing radar is composed of a multi-resonant circuit, an infrared signal transmitting and receiving circuit, an infrared signal amplifying and a voltage comparison circuit, and has the characteristics of simple circuit, low cost and stable circuit operation, and is widely used in various ranging occasions.

Infrared parking radar installation instructions

1. The infrared emission tube ( HFS ) and the infrared receiver tube ( HJS ) have polarity and the polarity direction is determined before installation. The mounting direction can be either upward or sideways.

2. The LED and diode 1N4148 have polarity and the polarity direction is determined before installation.

3. The integrated block solders the base first, and pay attention to the polarity direction when installing the chip.

4. The circuit has no power polarity protection. Before the power is turned on, the positive and negative poles are determined, and the board is marked.

5. Rp1 adjusts the reflection distance, Rp2 adjusts the sensitivity, you can try 30cm one light, 20cm two light, 10cm three light. The top of the sensor is covered with white paper, which has a good reflection effect on infrared waves.

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