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Photoresist Dry Film for PCB and Metal Etching


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Package Contents:

  • Roll Approx. 15 cm x 20 cm

To make your printed circuit board follow these steps:

  • Cut photosensitive film and peel away a protective foil from one side of the film.
  • Apply Resist: This Photoresist has 3 layers, the top and bottom layers are clear protective layer, so at the first, you need remove one protective layer, the easy way is to use two small pieces of scotch tape. Then apply the middle layer on board.
    • Apply using a hot roll laminator. This is the easiest and professional way to do it.
    • Apply using your hand. Starting from one corner and ending to the cross corner, use your palm to remove all air bubble between film and board, set the iron temperature about 110°C, apply the hot iron down onto the film and PCB, pressing them both flat and putting them under pressure.
    • Although this is dry film, you can apply it by wet lamination. Pour your pcb sheet by water so entire surface of pcb is wet. Then apply photoresist. Carefully push water or air bubbles out by using soft cloth. When all water and air bubbles are out of the board, feed hot roll laminator by the board.
  • Expose it. Put your negative artwork (black areas will be etched) on the photosensitive film, place a sheet of transparent glass or plastic on it. Expose it using UV ligh source.
  • Develop the photoresist.  Let rest for 10 -15 minutes, remove clear cover layer with a small piece of tape, and develop plate in a mixture of around 1 cup  water to 1/2 teaspoon developer (~1% by weight)( 1 gm for 100ml water). Observe the image of resist, you can use a small paint brush for faster action , pull out of developer when image clear. Hold under running water, you can rub with fingers, moist paper towel or sponge. It can always be placed back in the developer if it needs more time. Carefully inspect in full light. . You can heat the developer to 30 °C to speed up the process. When you see the board is developed everywhere (beware of places where spacing between traces is small), rinse the board in water.
  • Etch by ferric chloride or HCl + peroxide, then wash the board.
  • The last step is to strip the rest of photo resist away. Mix 1 g of Resist remover  with 100ml of hot water. Wait till all the photoresist is stripped. Wash your board and it is done. You made professionally looking PCB.

Please Note: The film will be folded for shipping purpose, cannot ship a single item unfolded into a separate box. If you want separate shipping, purchase them separately.


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Photoresist Dry Film for PCB and Metal Etching

Photoresist Dry Film for PCB and Metal Etching

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