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Dual Frequency Serial Port To RF Module Serial Wireless Transmission 315/433MHz MCU Remote Control


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Specifications: 2.35X2.6X1.1cm (without antenna)

Model: YS-R2F

Antenna length: 3cm

Supply voltage: DC 3-5V 

Standby power consumption: about 12ma

Transmit power consumption: about 72ma

Launching distance: the distance between the open space is 15-50 meters, and the indoor space is within 150 square meters (see the obstacle situation).

Control mode: 3-5V TTL serial port control

Serial port baud rate: 9600bps (fixed value, you can contact customer service to customize other baud rates)



1. This module can simulate 2262, 2260, 1527 signal encoding and transmitting, and supports 99% of devices capable of learning 2262, 2260, 1527 signals. (The oscillating resistance range is: 1.8-5.6M).

2. the transmission signal exceeds 1 million, equivalent to 250,000 4 key peach wood remote control.

3. The multiple signals do not interfere with each other independently, and the module can selectively transmit 315Mhz or 433Mhz frequency signals.

4. serial communication mode, can be directly connected through the serial port of the single-chip computer or computer USB to TTL for connection control.

5. data transmission mode: through the single-chip computer or computer serial port debugging assistant, send hexadecimal format data, the baud rate is 9600bps can not be modified, if you need to modify contact customer service.

6. The data format is: FD XX XX XX XX XX XX DF A total of 8 bytes of data are sent consecutively.

Data Format:


 The figure above shows the instruction format description, where

FD/DF frame header, frame end: is a fixed value, you can directly fill in

Transmit frequency: This parameter is used to select the frequency to be transmitted. For example, 315M selects 01; if 433M selects 02

Transmitting time: The optional range is 01-FF , which is the duration of the transmitted signal. The larger the value, the longer the transmission time.

Address: Select different parameters to represent different remote controls, such as address description is the same remote control

Key value: can be understood as different keys under the same remote control (same address)

Oscillation parameters: This parameter is the pulse width of the signal transmission. We can fill in 60 by default.

Application examples:

1, example 1 : launch the same button 315M signal of the same remote control, can be written as follows

{ FD01030101 01 60 DF }

{ FD 01 030101 02 60 DF }

{ FD 01 030101 03 60 DF  .............{FD01030101 FF 60 DF }

If you need to launch a little longer, you can change 03 to 05  or 06,  etc.

2. Example 1 : Launching the 315M signal of button 1 of different remote controllers , it can be written as follows

{ FD010301 01 01 60 DF }

{ FD010301 02 01 60 DF }

{ FD010301 03 01 60 DF  ..............{FD010301 FF 01 60 DF }

In the same way, if you want to send different button signals, modify the button parameters to be different.


The signal of the transmitter is used to learn the control of the receiving device. The general instruction editing mode is the method of the example 1 , that is, the different keys of the same remote controller are used for encoding.


     This module is combined with a single-chip microcomputer to control a module that integrates multiple remote controllers. It can completely replace the remote controller for signal transmission. However, it should be noted that the signal of a remote controller cannot be directly simulated. All controlled devices need to learn this first. After the signal of the module can be controlled by this module or the decoding module of the store is used for decoding the remote controller, and then the code is transmitted after decoding. At the same time, it is necessary to have a certain electronic foundation (using serial communication) to complete the application.

Note: This module is a transmitting module. It cannot be received and cannot be learned. If you need to implement the learning function, please purchase the decoding module of the store to decode, decode and then transmit according to the code, which can realize the signal learning copy function of the remote controller.

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