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6 in 1 Multi Function Module CP2102 USB to TTL 485 232 Conversion 3.3V/5V Compatible


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  • CP2102 core chip: CP2102 USB to serial chip in the best quality, most stable, far more than the performance of cheap similar chips, such as PL2303, FT232, CH341 and so on. High-speed, reliable, stable is the CP2102 to USB-to-serial module in the leading sales of important reasons.
  • Ultra-small size: the circuit board is only 3.1cm X 1.8cm. Ultra-small size, less than the size of a USB disk, only takes up the width of a USB port, even in those two USB port is very tight distance of the laptop can also easily placed two.
  • 3.3V and + 5V compatible: This product supports 3.3V voltage. Now many high-end single-chip, such as ARM, STM32, DSP, etc. are used 3.3V voltage. Other modules are only 5V-compatible, and they do not have a 3.3V voltage output.
  • Power output: the module can be supplied to the SCM system to facilitate debugging. 5V-500mA or 3.3V-100mA.
  • Over-current protection: On-board self-recovery fuse, even if the positive and negative short circuit will not damage the circuit board or computer. If a short circuit or current exceeds 500mA, the fuse will automatically disconnect, until the circuit returns to a non-short circuit when the fuse back to normal. Effective protection of your computer's security.
  • Transceiver Indicator: When there is data on the transmission line or the receiving line of the serial port, the receiving and sending indicator on the board will light to facilitate debugging.
  • TTL level interface: can be directly connected to a single chip or other embedded devices, such as 51, STC, AVR, ARM, FPGA, etc., without conversion.
  • RS232 level interface: Connect the computer or Rs232 level serial device.
  • RS485 level Interface: automatic transceiver control, no need to send and receive control lines, the default receiving state, send data to send the line to send the state.
  • Four levels of free mutual transfer: a unique circuit design, USB, TTL, RS232, RS485 free transfer each other, through the switch to achieve physical switching, convenient and reliable, non-interference.
  • High-speed communication: baud rate up to 2Mbps.
  • DTR, RTS signal: the module leads to the serial port DTR, RTS signal multi-function, support MSP430 MCU BSL download.
  • Machine chip, industrial grade chip: This module adopts the whole machine chip process technology, quality and cheap manual patch welding quality difference, stable and reliable guarantee.

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