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Time-Delayable Timing Chip Delay Chip Trigger Delay IC 2s-1000h Timing IC


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Please download the specifications yourself, copy the contents of the following brackets into the browser to enter the download (no registration required):
The shape is about 12mm*12mm, the working voltage is 2v-5v, the timing time can be set from a minimum of 2 seconds to a maximum of 1000 hours, as described below. :

Function and design description:

1. The circuit is connected as required and the time resistance and supply voltage are set;
2. The output terminal is high before the power is turned on;

3. Trigger "falling edge" trigger is valid, after the trigger, the output immediately goes low and the circuit starts timing;

4. After the set timing time expires, the output returns to high level, waiting for the next "falling edge" trigger;

5. The chip is not repeated trigger type, meaning that if the chip continues to trigger during the low output period after the trigger, the trigger is invalid;

6. The "falling edge" trigger of the trigger end refers to the moment of change from high level to low level;

7. The general high level refers to the VCC voltage, and the low level refers to 0-0.3v or GND, as long as the level requirement is met;

8. The trigger terminal can effectively trigger the grounding touch switch or the IO port of the MCU or other digital circuits to generate a "falling edge";

9. It can be designed as a power-on trigger. It only needs to short-circuit the trigger terminal to the ground. It will be triggered when the power is turned on. After the time is up, the output will return to the high level and wait for the next one.

The falling edge triggers again.

Chip features:

1. Low power consumption in CMOS technology, lead-free environmental protection.

2. Output low level can directly push the LED (please add current limiting resistor), output high level can push the triode (please add current limiting resistor).

3. Available resistor timing, 8*N (N= times timing selection, time can be adjusted from 2s-1000h.

4. Select the trigger timing and trigger grounding power-on timing.

5. Standby output high level, falling edge trigger, output low level after trigger, return high level after delay.

Pin Description:

The following figure counts from bottom to top: PIN1=power negative, PIN2=trigger, PIN3=output, PIN4=power supply

The P1 short circuit (two small pad short circuit) timing in the figure below is equal to the time multiplied by 8 times in the resistance meter

The P2 short circuit (two small pad short circuit) timing in the figure below is equal to the time in the resistance meter multiplied by 64 times

The short circuit of P1 and P2 at the same time (short circuit of two small pads) is equal to the time multiplied by 512 times in the resistance meter.

 The following pictures and parameter tables provide more design information, please refer to:

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