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Black SW-200D Vibration Switch Ball Switch Tilt Switch Double Bead Angle Sensor


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Product introduction:
1. The switch is made of metal material, the electrical characteristics are similar to the mercury switch but there is no danger and environmental protection problems of the mercury switch, and there are the same characteristics of the one-way guide when shaking, the assembly is more convenient and safe;
2. Work Features: When the switch is at rest, as shown in the figure, the switch is in the on state when the (ON) end is below 15 degrees horizontal; when the (OFF) end is below 15 degrees, the switch is in the OFF state; when it is shaken by external forces When the sloshing power is reached, or when it is set in the conduction angle range, the electrical characteristics of the conductive pin will produce short-term or continuous conduction.
3. When the electrical characteristics are to be restored to the open state (OFF), the setting environment of the switch must be static, and the setting of the (OFF) open end must be lower than the horizontal angle;
4. All materials of this switch are made of environmentally friendly raw materials and meet ROHS requirements;
5. When the switch is 15 degrees below the horizontal angle, it is difficult to trigger conduction when shaking;
6. This switch is suitable for triggering a small current circuit, not suitable for use as a power switch;
7. This switch is sealed and sealed, which can be dustproof, waterproof.
The switch is double-bead type, which has better conduction effect than single-bead type

Electrical parameters:

Maximum working voltage (Vmax): 12V Maximum working current (Imax): 2mA

Open circuit resistance: greater than 10M on-resistance: less than 5 ohms

Ambient temperature: less than 100 degrees, life: 500,000 times

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