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HX711AD Serial Port Module Electronic Scale Weighing Sensor 24-Bit Precision Pressure Sensor


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Main features of HX711 serial port module:

 ● AB dual channel design, each channel has two working modes to choose from, to meet the needs of different users. (For details, see the module instruction manual, there is a link above)

 Default baud rate:9600bps Parity: None Stop bits: 1-bit    protocol total length: 10 bytes

● Volume: length 3.3cm* width 2cm* height 0.3cm.

● The new addition of 47uf black large capacitor tantalum capacitors, the stability is significantly improved. 

● Built-in single-chip microcomputer, peeling, correction and other N command control, powerful. Save on the underlying development time .

● The HX711 on-chip voltage regulator circuit can directly supply power to the external pressure sensor.

●Simple serial communication, TTL to USB connection to the computer for data transmission , very convenient.

● It can synchronously suppress power interference of 50Hz and 60Hz.

●The power consumption is very small, and the typical working current is 12mA.

● Operating voltage range: DC 4.7~5.5V.

● Operating temperature range: -20  °C  ~ +85  °C

First understand the command control:

Let's take a small part of the data reading method in channel A, working mode 1:     

A channel is actively sent; working mode 1: (factory default this format)

Default baud rate: 9600bps     check digit: no     stop bit: 1 bit

Total length of the protocol: 10 bytes


Start bit

0XAA (fixed)


Command format return

0XA1 represents the A channel working mode 1 for passive transmission (one shot, one receipt)

0XA2 represents A channel working mode 1 for active transmission


0XB1 represents the B channel working mode 1 for passive transmission (one shot, one receipt)

0XB2 represents B channel working mode 1 for active transmission








Current channel data is16 bits lower

Corresponding to the data returned under the Bit2 command

Format restore HX711 AD 24-bit conversion


Data =bit5*65536+bit6*256+bit7


Current channel data is 8 bits high


Current channel data islower 8 bits


Checksum high 8 bits

Check code = (bit2+bit3+....+bit6+bit7)


Checksum low 8 bits


End position

0XFF (fixed)


The 51 part of the MCU program is read. For the complete program, please download the above link.

/************************************************* ********/ 
// Serial interrupt service routine 
/********************************** ***********************/ 
void UartInt(void) interrupt 4 
            ES = 0; //Close the serial port interrupt

            while (RI!); // Byte1 fixed starting position 0XAA 
            Byte1 = SBUF; 
            the RI = 0; 
            the while (! the RI); // Byte2 
            Byte2 = SBUF; 
            the RI = 0; 
            the while (the RI!); // Byte3 
            Byte3 = SBUF; 
            while(!RI); // Byte4 
            while(!RI); // Byte5 
            while(!RI); // Byte6 
            Byte6 =SBUF; 
            while(!RI); // Byte7 
            while(!RI); // Byte8 check digit high 8 bits 
            while(!RI); // Byte9 check digit low 8 bits 
            While(!RI); // Byte10 fixed end bit 
            0XFF Byte10=SBUF; 
            if(Byte1==0xAA && Byte10==0xFF) // Determine the first byte and the last byte
                   if(( Byte8*256+Byte9)==(Byte2+Byte3+Byte4+Byte5+Byte6+Byte7)) // Check if the check digit is correct

                        / / can add a judge whether to return the corresponding current instruction. If it is accurate, execute the following procedure

                        If (Byte2 = = 0XA2)


                             Weight=Byte5*65536+Byte6*256+Byte7; // Calculate the detection result (the AD value is obtained here)



               }       ES = 1; //Open the serial port interrupt

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